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Indulge in Exquisite Hair Care: Mistakes to Avoid

At Graeber & Company, we believe that every strand of hair deserves care. Elevate your hair care routine with our exclusive tips, crafted to enhance both the health and allure of your locks.    Discover the art of avoiding these common hair care pitfalls:  Neglecting Customized Care: Your hair’s unique needs demand personalized attention. Embrace… Read more »


Your Guide to Hand Tied

Hair extensions have always been a simple way to add length, volume, and body to hair but are often given a bad rep due to damage, pulling, and lack of styling ability. Welcome to 2021- there’s a new solution in town! Hand-Tied Hair extensions have easily infatuated Instagram, the beauty industry, and extension lovers by… Read more »


Kiss Frizz & Flyaways Goodbye!

The newest revolutionary treatment is here! Keratin Complex is a powerful treatment that infuses each hair strand with high quality Keratin. What does that mean? In short it means shiny, soft, and virtually frizz-free hair! Keratin Complex can be used to enhance natural wave/curl patterns or to enforce a straight & sleek look. It’s also been… Read more »