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Short Hair, Medium Hair, Long Hair – Which Length Goes With Your Face Shape?

So, you’re thinking of switching up your look? Maybe chopping off those long locks for a chic bob? Or growing out your pixie cut for some flowing waves? Choosing a hairstyle can feel like a big decision (because it is!), and one of the biggest factors is your face shape.

What hair style goes with your face shape?

Discover the best hairstyles for your face shape with our expert tips. Achieve your perfect look at Graeber & Company!

But let’s be real, who actually knows their real face shape? Is it oval? Heart-shaped? Square? Don’t worry, we’re not going full geometry lessons here. This is about finding what makes you feel confident and awesome!

Let’s break it down:

  1. Oval Faces: You lucky ducks! Oval faces are the most versatile. Short, medium, long, curly, straight – you can rock it all! Experiment and have fun.
  2. Round Faces: Want to add some definition? Longer layers, side-swept bangs, and styles that add volume at the crown are your best friends. Avoid blunt cuts that emphasize roundness.
  3. Square Faces: Soften those angles with wavy styles, wispy layers, and long bobs. Skip the harsh, straight-across bangs.
  4. Heart-Shaped Faces: Chin-length bobs, side-parted styles, and textured waves help balance out a wider forehead and narrower chin.
  5. Oblong Faces: Add some width with brow-skimming bangs, chin-length bobs, and styles that create volume at the sides. Avoid super-long, straight styles that elongate the face further.

A Few Extra Tips:

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try out different styles until you find what you love.

Talk to your stylist. They’re experts and can help you find a style that suits your face shape and hair type.

Focus on what makes you feel good. Confidence is the best accessory!

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules. The most important thing is choosing a hairstyle that makes you feel like the amazing person you are. So go forth, experiment, and rock that new look!