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A Licensed beauty professional who finds joy caring for humans and just so happens to love on the world through creating gorgeous hair or customized skin services. They want to partner with a conscious company and feel connected to their values while working alongside a diverse team. Our first love in beauty is serving others and we know that starts with each other! Our second love is offering 5 star experiences.

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Advanced Training Program

After 55 years of business in the Beauty Industry, we know how important Continued Education and Advanced Education are to a stylists success. Our scholarship program is a diverse and robust curriculum that is adapted in real time to industry trends and customer needs. Graeber Academy will give you the tools to become a 6-figure hair dresser- no cross country move required.

In your 6-8 months as a Graeber Academy Protégé, you will receive advanced education from various platforms and mediums intentionally coordinated to create a rich education experience. Your career path will be customized to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Just a few of our Graeber Academy perks:

  • First pick when hiring (scholarship is separate from employment)
  • Small classroom setting
  • Hands on continued education
  • Industry tips & tricks from 6 figure hairdressers
  • Real in salon experience
  • Access to multiple education platforms

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