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Your Guide to Hand Tied

Hair extensions have always been a simple way to add length, volume, and body to hair but are often given a bad rep due to damage, pulling, and lack of styling ability.

Welcome to 2021- there’s a new solution in town!

Hand-Tied Hair extensions have easily infatuated Instagram, the beauty industry, and extension lovers by offering natural-looking and damage-free installation and upkeep.

On the hunt for Hair extensions that don’t wreak havoc on your natural hair? We’re happy to report that they are available to you NOW!









 Hand-tied hair extensions are similar to a beaded weft technique, but the hand-tied extensions cover more surface on the overall head. Hand Tied extensions use your natural hair to build the rows across your head that the wefts are then sewn onto. Hand-tied wefts are intentionally slimmer and lighter than typical wefts. This “thinness” allows the hair lay closer to your head, mirroring your natural hair and allowing for a more uniform look and movement. The wefts cover more area, so less has to be sewn in, alleviating any pull on your scalp. If you’ve had extensions before, you know how uncomfortable some methods can leave your scalp feeling.

More hair means more ways to have fun with different styles! With the Hand Tied method,  there’s no limit to what you can do.  They’re tied into the hair in a way that keeps them hidden in any kind of hairstyle. Top knot during a workout? Braids for bedtime? If you can name it, you can do it without your extensions being seen or feeling uncomfortable!

If you’ve been considering hand-tied hair extensions, we’d love to help you. At Graeber & Company, we have several Hand-Tied Hair Extension Specialists, and use only the top of the line mission aligned wefts to give you the results you’ve been dreaming of!

Here’s the best part – if you’re a feeling a bit gun shy, you can start with one row and build onto it little by little to see what amount of hair is right for you!

We’re confident that once you try hand-tied hair extensions for yourself, you’re going to wish you invested sooner!

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