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Your Guide to Dry, Cold, Idaho Winters!

Here in Boise, we are currently in the midst of our classic dry, cold winter. Winter weather isn’t kind to our hair, skin or lips, as the cold wreaks havoc by depleting moisture out of our bodies. This is why it is extremely important to add in extra moisture to your normal routine for the remainder of the winter months. Graeber and Company recommends the following five Aveda products that will easily fit into your everyday routine to add an extra boost of moisture that your skin, hair and lips so desperately need during the winter. 


Hand Relief

     First up on our list is an Aveda fan favorite. Hand Relief provides intense moisture while also protecting the moisture barrier. It contains lactic acid that removes dead skin cells to leave behind smooth, soft, hydrated hands. Hand Relief comes in two different scents, classic or cherry almond, so you can wear and reapply, all while complimenting other Aveda scents. The salon carries full and travel sizes of the classic scent, so put it on in the morning and throw a travel size in your purse or car to reapply throughout the day. Here at Graeber and Company, we feel like Hand Relief lasts through several hand washes making it the perfect product for everyone!


Foot Relief

     Aveda’s Foot Relief is a tried and true savior for winter feet. Say goodbye to cracked heels, as this formula has a plethora of exfoliating acids and fruit extracts to refine skin texture while infusing moisture into the skin. Foot Relief is a rich creme that invigorates while deodorizing those smelly feet through rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oils. Use Foot Relief every night before bed and say thank you to your feet for carrying you through the cold, winter months.


Nutriplenish Treatment Masques (Light and Deep Moisture)

     Our stylists know the winter weather can make your hair borderline unmanageable. That’s why our entire staff loves the Nutriplenish Treatment Masques in both light and deep moisture. Nutriplenish Treatment Masques add moisture and shine to decrease frizz, leaving you with luscious, nourished hair. Nutriplenish Treatment Masques come in two formulas, light and deep moisture. If you have questions about which moisture level is best for your hair type, our staff would love to chat and recommend the best fit for you. We offer these masques in two sizes, full or travel, if you want to try before fully committing to another once a week step in your beauty routine.

Feed My Lips Nourish-mint Lip Treatment

     Do you stay hydrated but still feel like your lips are cracked and flaking? This is another courtesy of the harsh winter conditions in the Pacific Northwest. The Feed My Lips Lip Treatment is a colorless balm that’s great for day or night to keep your lips saturated in hydration and protect them from the cold and wind. Apply the Nourish-mint Lip Treatment at night after brushing your teeth to give the butters, waxes and oils time to sink in. Then wake up with hydrated, smooth lips to frame your pretty smile all day long. 


Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrator

     A serum is a good idea any time of year, but is especially important in the winter months. Use the Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrator serum for a fast-absorbing, lightweight serum that restores your skin’s moisture barrier and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It’s super easy to add in to your skincare regimen between a toner and moisturizer for an extra layer of love to keep your skin at its prime.

     We know the winter weather is harsh. Let the professionals at Graeber & Company make life a little easier on your skin, hair and lips with these products. Or let us do the work, book an appointment for a deeply exfoliating, skin-softening Dry Room Aqua Therapy Body Scrub, a 60-minute customized Tulasara facial, or a haircut with an add-on Botanical treatment to deeply hydrate and moisturize dry, brittle hair. Give yourself some extra love with the help of the Graeber and Company Salon professionals, to get through these dreary months!