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To Our Valued Guests

Here at Graeber & Company we believe in charging with integrity and elevating the services we offer you. We’ve noticed in our industry there’s a lot of “grey area” when it comes to charging, specifically with Hair Color. The price of color has continued to increase and today’s trends require us to use so much more color. In any given service it could require us to use 4-6 different colors, multiple developers, lighteners and/or toners to achieve the look that you desire for your hair.


Breaking down “parts” which is the haircolor used from “labor” which is the service… like a balayage, highlight or color, this has simplified the process. Revolutionizing the way we charge helps guarantee you’re happy with the look you receive and the price you pay. New technology by Salon Scale has made it possible to bring you a transparent way of charging for hair color services here at Graeber & Company. 


As of July 2021 You will see an “Aveda Color Charge” line item on your ticket that will account for the hair color used during your service, this way we aren’t raising hair color prices across the board, just charging for exactly the cost of color used. We are also celebrating some exciting level promotions within our team, and as a result you will see a slight price increase on select services; haircuts, waxing and massage between $3-$6, and some base prices on color services, between $6-$10. 


As always, we thank you for your continued support and are so grateful for you!


Team Graeber